Frequently asked questions


What is is an advertising platform where you can list your property for sale or lease. We do not charge commission or agency fees.

What are the costs for advertising my properties?

We don't charge any commissions when you susccesfully sell or rent your property. We only charge a one time fee of €15 per month (for a minimum 3 months period) to list your property.

I get it there are no commissions involed, however are there any other fees?

Property searching in Malta can be a bit difficult and lengthy process. From the comfort of your home you can view the properties, you choose which ones you want to make an appointment for a viewing and you contact directly the seller/lessor. We are just here to promote the properties thus we are not included in the selling/renting process.

Renting/Selling Out

I have a property for rent how can I list it?

You just need to fill in the form with all the details needed. We will contact you back within a working day so that your property is listed.

How to I pay for the listing?

You can pay via revolut on +35699255555 or +35677555177 You can ask for a more convenient way how to pay for your advert. Just ask us

I am already cotracted with an agent can I list my property here?

Yes you can list your property. The only difference is that when you succesully negotiate your property we will not be present for the promise of sale and for the contract.

What if someone is interested in my property?

The site visitor will contact you by the means you have selected to be contacted on. This can be either via e-mail, calls, SMS, or What's App. From there on you can negotiate your property with the person/s interested at your leisure.

I have a whole block for rent what is the cost?

We do not charge per unit but per address. Thus if the properties are on one address you only pay for one advert.

My property is not available anymore.

Great news. You can leave the property listed on our site until the period you paid for elapses or else contact us to remove your advert. When removing the advert or your details will be removed for our site visitors thus no one will contact you again on the same property.


I wish to search through your database. How can this be done?

Click on the Properties Tab and you have all the properties whether to buy or rent.

I have closed a deal through your site. What do I owe you?

Congratulations on your new property. We are very proud that we have been the key to your new property. What about sharing our site on your social media?

Is there a way that an agent can list porperties on this site.

We could have made this site fully automated without manual intervention and whoever wants to submit a property can do so. However once a property is submitted we browse through it, check for any anomality and then we process it for upload. It is our intention that all data on our site is true. Although we cannot guarantee that you are not speaking to an agent we strive so that such incidents do not happen. If you happen to meet such incident drop us an e-mail and we shall investigate further.